Nuegia Continuum Plus

Custom Minecraft modpack and server

I develop and maintain this custom modpack because a lot of the other Minecraft modded servers either didn't have quite the gameplay I was looking for, didn't have both a tech and magic progression line, tended to shutdown or reset the map after the server got large or old, or didn't have the proper compute power to host lag-free. I therfore develop NCP+, based on Continuum, but already pretty far forked. I want to enourage people to invest their time into large, complex builds, as I will not be resetting or deleting the server just because it's not popular for a time period or it gets old. I plan to maintain it as my personal pet project. My own game if you will, based on the Minecraft Engine. Everyone is free to join, provided they email me so I can add them to the whitelist.

Update! Micro$oft broke authentication

Everything Micro$oft touches turns to shit. I refuse to let them have my game and gameserver too. This will NOT be the end of this.

I am currently looking for ways to fix it. As it currently stands, I can't play my own gameserver on my own launcher. I cannot just rip out all of the authentication code either as that would allow malicious users to log into other people's accounts to grief things. As I currently see the most viable option is going to have to be to switch out the primary server jar file, which currently is a vanilla jar modified with Forge ML. None of the authentication offerings on CurseForge seem to offer what I need for the basegame version I'm running (1.12.x) so I'm probably going to have to look at other APIs to accomplish this. I've played on offline servers that had a basic /register and /login command before, so I know it's possible and it's a thing people do. Ideally I'd have something like 2b2t's setup that can even prevent coordinate stealing, but I'm not sure if that is possible because I think they are using bunjeecord, which is some kind of reverse proxy server for minecraft. I don't think BC is compatible with forge modded servers. I have reached out to 2b2t's admins team but they have not responded. I am currently looking at Sponge ( as an option but am still investingating.

Update! Work in progress on a fix. Planned downtime.

I think I figured out a solution that will work, but it involves making it a 'SpongeForge' server to implement an API needed for an authentication plugin. I am already in the process of carrying out this development work. There are a few problems however. The server's forge jar needed to be updated which breaks a lot of mods both serverside and client side, and the updates to those mods break other mods. Yes this is hell but this is what maintaing a modded minecraft server is actually like.

I have a working development version on my workstation right now that launches. I've still got more work to do bringing clientside changes back into the server and polishing up loose ends. Then I have to commit those changes to git. I'm going to leave the server offline until I can get a working release out since I can't connect to the server myself anyways.

Version Link
Old Stable
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Instructions for importing

  1. Download and install MultiMC. Alternatively if you are technicly inclined enough, you may wish to compile my fork of MultiMC which strips out Google's spyware and adds offline mode (thanks for the patch Shokara! =D).
  2. Click on Add Instance > Import from zip then paste in the Stable version's link. New Instance Screeshot
  3. Click OK. Don't worry if the progress bar isn't working. That is because the modpack zip is generated on-the-fly from my git repository. You can expect about 250 megabytes of download.
  4. Right click > Edit Instance the pack your just imported. Go to settings.
  5. Set the Maximum memory allocation to 4096 MB or higher.
  6. Launch, and add my server address