Nuegia Network Services

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Tor and I2P xmpp s2s federation is available upon request for those with servers suffering from or worried about censorship. Email Note that darknet federation increases latency noticably.

Tor и I2P xmpp s2s федерация доступны по запросу для владельцев серверов подверженных цензуре или опасающихся её. Email Обратите внимание что даркнет федерация значительно увиличивает задержку сети.

Terms of service

  1. You will not claim to represent Nuegia administration.
  2. You will not attempt to impersonate Nuegia administration
  3. You will not data mine users of the network
  4. You will not use the free network services for commercial purposes without obtaining permission and written agreement from Nuegia administration
  5. You will not disrupt or compromise network services with malicious intent or without written permission from administration
  6. Do not use profanity, slurs, or offensive language in the names of non-hidden MUCs
  7. You will not persecute (either directly or indirectly) any person because of race, religion, national origin, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.
  8. You will not bully or intentionally cause emotional distress to others. This includes conduct that is intentional OR reckless, extreme AND outrageous, AND the emotional distress caused by said conduct is severe.
  9. You will not advertise links to mass surveillance and mind control platforms

Examples of distrusting or comprising network services with malicious intent would be spamming advertisements, posting a repeated message in order to block out other's discussions, slandering users, or constantly attacking a user's character instead of debating their ideas. This list is not exhaustive.

The public MUC directory should not make anyone feel unwelcome. It is up to the owner of a particular MUC to set their own policies in addition to these network-wide global policies.

Moderator/Admin policy

Moderators/Admins of MuCs will be held to a higher standard than unprivileged users.

  1. You must not give Cruel, Unusual, or Vindictive punishments to users
  2. A explicit and unambiguous warning must be given to a user BEFORE enacting a privileged action upon them except where the user is reasonably assumed to be a automated computer program. The suggested format for this is "If you continue breaking rule X, action Y will be taken for a duration of Z. This is a warning".
  3. When taking privileged action against a user you must provide a explicit and unambiguous reason and time duration of the action to the user
  4. You must allow a banished user whom requests after a reasonable cool down period the opportunity to exchange contact information with their peers
  5. No Ex Post Facto judgements
  6. A Burden Of Proof is required on the person who brings a claim in a dispute. The standard for Burden Of Proof is dependent upon the severity of the dispute and the severity of the proposed privileged action, but can vary from Preponderance Of The Evidence to Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. Users filing abuse reports must keep this in mind if they wish their reports to be actionable.

While it is not strictly required, having an appeal process is highly encouraged

XMPP Bot Policy

Automated bots may be connected to the network without permission as long as they meet the following criteria:

  1. Bots must identify their names and version via XEP-0092: Software Version.
  2. Bots must contain operator contact information via XEP-0054: vcard-temp or XEP-0292: vCard4 Over XMPP.
  3. Bot Vcards must contain a description of the bot's functionality
  4. Bot MUST not directly copy a user's chat statement shortly after being sent inside of a MuC
  5. Bot operators must respond and act to remedy security vulnerabilities reported in a timely manner
  6. Bot MUST implement some form of per-user rate limiting if used in a MUC (Multi User Chat)
  7. Bots must declare the correct Category and Type via XEP-0030: Service Discovery, 10.2.1 Identity Categories and Types Registry identifying themselves as a bot


XMPP Multi User Chat

Nuegia does not store additional information other than what is accessible to MUC (Multi User Chat) participants. Some MUC owners may opt into enabling MaM (Message Archive Management) XEP-0313 on their MUC. This will store the last n posts said in that chat on the server in order to provide a scrollback to supported clients and prevent dropped posts for clients on degraded networks. N is configurable by the MUC owner but defaults to 40 with a cap of 80 lines. The current configuration of a MUC is accessible with XEP-0441. After n posts have been made the oldest post is forgotten by the server via a ring buffer.

Nuegia does not log MUCs. Please do not ask for logs of MUCs as I will have none to give. You can query the MAM service yourself if it is enabled by the MUC owner and you are a participant of the MUC.

IP addresses are not logged for XMPP MUC services. Logs of server-to-server connection time, initiation, termination, TLS cipher used, and error message are retained. It looks like the following:

Oct 08 15:36:34 s2sin555d27      info    Incoming s2s connection> complete
Oct 08 15:36:36 s2sout555d2      info    Stream encrypted (TLSv1.3 with TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384)
Oct 08 15:40:29 s2sout555d2      info    Session closed by remote with error: policy-violation (XML stanza is too big)
Oct 08 15:40:29 s2sout555d2      info    Outgoing s2s stream> closed: policy-violation (XML stanza is too big)

XMPP Anonymous Logon

If you use the RFC4505 Anonymous Logon and get banned, your IP address will be retained for ban enforcement.


Logs for http and https access contain time, IP address, URL accessed, user-agent, and result code. This is used to stop abuse of network services and troubleshoot issues. This information is not sold. If you do not want your IP address retained, use a network anonymization tool like TOR or public wifi. If you do not want your user-agent string stored, don't send one.


Certificate fingerprints and associated nickname are stored when you register a nickname for the purposes of reserving nicknames and preventing impersonation. While a certificate is not strictly required to connect, it is encouraged and may be required to join or create some chatrooms.

If you get banned, your certificate fingerprint and IP address may be stored for policy enforcement.

Legal Disclaimer

Nuegia disclaims all warranties with regard to information posted on its services, whether posted by Nuegia or others; this disclaimer includes all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. In no event shall Nuegia be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, or damages of any kind whatsoever, resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use of any information posted on a Nuegia network service.

Nuegia does not generally monitor its services for inappropriate postings, and does not undertake editorial control of postings. We do however reserve the right to prevent posting and access in the event of failure to comply with the terms of service and usage policies.

Nuegia will not comply with any LEA requests unless with a valid warrant in the state of jurisdiction. Additional logging may be configured on a temporary basis when there is reasonable suspicion of loss of life, great bodily harm, destruction of property, spam occurring or about to occur, or to resolve a moderation issue.

Contact the Postmaster if your having a problem that needs to be escalated to a network level

Definitions of MUST, SHOULD, NOT, and MAY are defined here.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, However if you take inspiration from these rules to use on your creations please give credit and properly Attribute this source. This work is licensed CC BY 4.0 International. For details click the CC-BY button at the bottom of this page.

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